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Peanut Butter is a staple in my pantry, and let’s face it, the kids love a good PB&J sandwich. However, my husband and I have been disappointed with many brands the are filled with tons of sugar and other icky ingredients. Since we’re trying to eat healthier, we’ve become more picky about a lot of food items we buy, which is why Naturally More’s Peanut Butter impresses me.

Not only is it GMO and gluten free (and vegan, of course!), it’s also loaded with protein, Omega-3, and made with flax seed. Yum! Throw this into your blender with a banana and some almond milk and you’ve got yourself an amazing smoothie.

I went ahead and let Little Cozy Cutie make her own PB&J sandwich (she insists she’s a big girl now).





She put it all together nicely and took it to school with her today. Her verdict? She loves it! She’s even volunteered to make extra sandwiches for her siblings.

I love the fact that I’m sneaking in some great nutrition along with snacks and meals by using this peanut butter. It yields benefits that I want (protein, minerals, vitamins) and it’s only 2g of sugar per serving, which is three times lower than your average peanut butter.

I found Naturally More at my local Walmart, but it’s also available at Albertsons, Whole Foods, and other grocers.

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