Probiotic Almond Butter? Yes, Please!


So I recently discovered Naturally More and their delish peanut butter, and when I found out about their probiotic almond butter, I knew this had to be the next item on my grocery list!

Growing up, I believed that the main way to stay healthy was to make sure I washed my hands well and avoided friends and family with coughs or flu symptoms. I knew I had to eat my veggies and drink water, but I figured it was just something you did because eating chocolate all day was a bad idea.

As I got older, I realized that what we put into our bodies has a direct impact on our ability to stay healthy and fight off illness. Can you believe that 80% of our immune system hangs around our digestive system? It’s no wonder we’ve moved toward boosting our immunity and increasing probiotics. A probiotic helps increase the good bacteria in our digestive tracts so that things run smoothly and we stand stronger against illness.

We’ve all heard that this can be found in food items like yogurt, so can it be just as effective in something like almond butter?

In short…YES!

Naturally More’s Roasted Almond Butter (With Probiotics) actually has ten times more effective probiotics than yogurt, and it gives you 6g of protein, Omega-3, and it’s non-GMO. I’ve been eating almond butter with apple slices as a snack, and it is good!

almond-butter-and-apple benefits-of-almond-butter

This is perfect for those of you who don’t eat yogurt or dairy–a great way to still get in those probiotics and have a satisfying, yummy snack!

If you’d like to check out Naturally More’s line of peanut and almond butters, the details are below 🙂


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